By reading this, you are already a welcomed member of this growing community. People of all skill levels are invited to learn and contribute to the collective knowledge of how to build things, and how to do it well. Each user is empowered to make this space yours and have fun sharing it with others.


  • Categories represent high-level topics.
  • Wiki posts allow for anyone to edit. Use the 3-dot then wrench menu on your post to convert it to a wiki post. Look for this symbol at the top of a post: pen-to-square-regular
  • Tags are used to group similar types of information across domains.
    • blog - Periodic informational posts.
    • discussion - Topical discourse.
    • doc - General documentation, likely a wiki. Automatic table of contents.
    • problem - Posts that aim to solve a particular problem. A single reply can be flagged as the solution to close out the post.
    • procedure - Documents a process. Automatic table of contents.
    • table - Contains a tabulated data set meant to be referenced.
    • template - Contains document templates for download or copy.
    • tool - Contains an embedded web tool or a link to another tool e.g. calculator.
  • Real-time chat with public and private channels. See Real-Time Chat Guide.
  • Email based interaction.
    • Mirror a mailing list thread in a custom public or private category.
    • Start new conversations from email by sending them to slug@bb.rad.cm where slug is the short-form category identifier found in the URL of a category page.
    • Reply to posts by email.


See Post Syntax and Features Guide.


See RAD Community Guidelines.

Terms of Service

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