About Systems Thinking

The Systems Thinking newsletter is dedicated to making product design processes, systems engineering, and product development easier to understand and apply. Developing products in the most recent years has focused on delivering results, making design decisions, time to market, and managing risks, all of which play into a systems role.

While Systems Engineering has a rich history from it’s origins at NASA, it is still an emerging discipline in other industries like medical device, defense, and consumer products. It has matured over the years in Aerospace, Automotive, and Locomotive industries, but bringing the principles from those industries to others is a challenging one. One of our top goals to make the world of UML, SysML, and IDEF more usable and understandable by all. As Systems Engineering matures in the world teams need understanding on how it makes sense to fit SE’s into existing structures.

Systems Thinking is for any one who takes part in, or is interested in, designing complex products. That might includes some of the following;

  • IoT Devices (smart toasters, connected systems)
  • Software systems (streaming services, websites, information systems)
  • Robotic systems (industrial robots, at-home-robot
  • And more!

The learning can be leveraging no matter your title. We hope to help with:

  • Product Development Process
  • Design decision deep dives
  • Systems Engineering Fundamentals (requirements & architecture)
  • Effective problem solving methods
  • Graphically depicting complex information
  • Analysis of systems, their characteristics, and potential failures