Welcome to this community!

You’re looking at the very beginnings of a small, grass-roots effort to create a free and open space to share high-quality information on how to build things.

Hardware development is the lagging counterpart to the widely embraced open source nature of modern software. I’m not the first to say this: hardware communities and companies could learn a thing or two from the power of knowledge sharing, and the culture that comes with it.

Successful companies that embrace open source, understand that the value is not in the ideas but in the execution. It’s likely that the design effort to create something is an order of magnitude smaller than the future energy required to extract and refine raw materials, assemble the product, then sell, ship, support, and sustain it.

So let’s share. I’m calling on people of all disciplines and degrees to participate in posting, editing, and creating a fun environment to learn.

Reach out if you would like a new category, a private category, or chat channel.